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Bob English has been in television for more than 40 years. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, Bob graduated from Syracuse University in 1970 with a Bachelor’s degree in TV production and a minor in political science. He worked in local television in Syracuse as a technician at WNYS-TV, and moved to the Capital District in 1973. Here he worked at WTEN, Nowak Voss Advertising as a writer/producer, WNYT as a director for News, and finally at WRGB as a producer/director for 20 years. There he wrote, produced and directed numerous commercials, newscasts, telethons and specials.

He worked closely with the Sales Department in writing and producing local commercials, including Price Chopper, Hewitt’s, St. Peter’s Hospital, and many others. He directs the annual Melodies of Christmas program for WRGB. He worked with the News Department as a director for all newscasts, and directed numerous remotes and specials, including the 70th Anniversary Road Tour and the Saratoga Racing Season.

He has worked on numerous independent projects, notably the World Trade Center Victim Compensation Fund video, The Double H Camp Fund- Raising video, and Ed Dague Dialogues on WNYT. He has also directed a number of historical documentaries on local heroes in WWII.

He is an avid reader, and regularly peruses 3 - 4 newspapers daily, keeping up with all current events. His reading interests lean towards non-fiction and biographies. His hobbies include skiing and sailing in the Adirondacks, where he spends as much time as he can in his hideaway in Lake Luzerne.