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Stir the Water

Marty Silverman was a local man who made his fortune in the world and wanted to give back. This is a Testimonial for him commissioned by the Arthritis Foundation.

The Hyde Collection

Werner Feibes and Jim Schmitt donated​ their entire million dollar collection of modern art to this beautiful museum in Glens Falls, NY. This is a tribute to them.

St Peter's Health Partners

St Peter's Health Partners hiring process video.


This is for a video loop to be used by the Saratoga North Creek Railroad to showcase the marvelous train ride into the Adirondacks.

Saratoga WarHorse

This was presented at a fundraiser for this wonderful organization that helps returning veterans​ assimilate back into civilian life using the incredible power of the horse.

SPAC Jazz Fest

Every June the Saratoga Performing Arts Center hosts a Jazz Fest, a 2 day celebration of the finest jazz musicians in the world. These are highlights featuring George Benson, Norah jones and Trombone Shorty.

Third Eye Design inVIEW Wireless Brake and Turning System

Commercial for Third Eye Design inVIEW Wireless Brake and Turning System for a safer motorcycle.

Visit Hague, New York

This is for a little town on Lake George, NY, depicting the 4 seasons of fun and beauty available​ for visitors.

Elm's Cottages

This is a video brochure for a lovely set of cottages on Lake Luzene, NY. It is for their web site.

Carlos Wrongful Death Testimonial

This was for use by a law firm in its quest for compensation from an insurance company for a wrongful death. It shows what a special guy Carlos was.

Adirondack Folk School Canoe Building Program

Adirondack Folk School is proud to offer a Canoe Building Program. This video was produced for their Web site.

YMCA Saratoga Fundraiser

This is a fundraiser for the Saratoga Springs YMCA. It showcases the facilities and asks for donations for scholarships.

Saratoga War Horse

This organization has saved the lives of thousands of veterans with PTS issues, through the use of retired thoroughbred horses. This is an informational fundraiser.

Albany International Airport

JetBlue Airlines was coming to Albany Airport. This video was used at the local hockey arena on their JumboTron to promote its arrival and the airport itself.

Heading For Home

This organization repurposes thoroughbred horses for use in therapy. This is an informational fundraiser.

Jim and Andrea

This couple's world was shattered when their home exploded from a gas leak. This video was used by their lawyers to aid in the settlement of the case.

Lake Luzerne

This is a “video brochure” to promote the myriad activities one can find in the Adirondack paradise of Lake Luzerne.

Mount McGregor

Veterans who have run afoul of the law have formed their own self-help group within prison walls. This video was used by the NYS Defenders Association to help their cause.


This is an Alzheimers home that provides care for patients and families. The video was used as an informational and promotional sales vehicle.

Saratoga Chimney Heroes

Saratoga Chimney Sweep (now Chimney Heroes) is a very professioinal and successful chimney company. This is a video for their web site.

The Double H Camp

The Double H Camp was founded by Paul Newman for children with special needs. This half hour program is designed to raise awareness of the camp, and to involve the entire community in its mission. The program will air on all stations multiple times over the next 5 years.

Into the Dragons Teeth Warriors Tales of the Battle of the Bulge

This clip is from a 1 hour documentary that tells the story of three Albany veterans of WWII who now travel to area schools and describe for the students what they were doing when they were in their late teens: saving the world from Hitler.


This program aired on WNYT on Sunday mornings. Its purpose was to give the viewer an insight into someone they knew, or thought they knew. We delved deeper into their souls, discovered why they did what they did. The program had 2 hosts: Dan Lynch, Former Managing Editor of the Albany Times Union, and Ed Dague, the former anchorman of WNYT.

Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York

This is part of a series for the Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York organization. It served as an effective recruiting tool.